clfft [oracular/i386]

Version Triggers Env Date Duration Requester Result UUID
2.12.2-5build1 cmake/3.30.1-1 2024-07-23 08:02:18 UTC 0h 08m 03s - fail 68bd2ecf-7527-4ce4-a200-3245c29903fe logartifacts
2.12.2-5build1 cmake/3.30.0-1 2024-07-10 02:27:53 UTC 0h 10m 11s - fail 1f896b46-59ab-4acd-9a98-0816bed7fc9b logartifacts
2.12.2-5build1 cmake/3.29.6-1 2024-06-21 02:15:57 UTC 0h 02m 35s - fail cd9564c2-0aae-453f-b09b-7ed29f9b8807 logartifacts
2.12.2-5build1 cmake/3.29.5-1 2024-06-09 07:58:01 UTC 0h 02m 51s - fail 1791743d-dd19-467c-b923-b9be4052daee logartifacts
2.12.2-5build1 cmake/3.29.4-1 2024-06-04 20:17:35 UTC 0h 04m 35s - fail 867b3efa-bd28-489e-8885-36423c7320ac logartifacts
2.12.2-5build1 cmake/3.29.3-1build1 2024-05-24 10:41:47 UTC 0h 12m 40s - fail c434c6e8-431c-4065-8693-5e14b0ab7810 logartifacts
2.12.2-5build1 cmake/3.29.3-1 2024-05-17 23:58:23 UTC 0h 04m 19s - fail 1e2bf1e5-9b70-4518-8731-68bd0afef874 logartifacts
2.12.2-5build1 cmake/3.29.2-2 2024-05-03 04:47:03 UTC 0h 20m 37s - fail e9f28440-d9f7-4751-afaa-ca58dfcfe4dc logartifacts

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