libastro-fits-cfitsio-perl [oracular/ppc64el]

Version Triggers Env Date Duration Requester Result UUID
1.18-1build3 glibc/2.39-3.1ubuntu3 2024-07-12 20:12:18 UTC 0h 32m 04s - pass 6d912657-0013-4fe1-bac1-22a12d444283 logartifacts
1.18-1build3 glibc/2.39-3.1ubuntu2 2024-06-28 22:20:12 UTC 0h 16m 35s - pass c1d0a6b6-f894-4eba-a177-4117f04eec1a logartifacts
1.18-1build3 cfitsio/4.4.1-2 2024-06-21 01:41:36 UTC 0h 06m 34s - pass 3d476f12-26ef-4533-9463-753e75a1f768 logartifacts
1.18-1build3 cfitsio/4.4.1-1 2024-06-20 07:37:32 UTC 0h 06m 08s - pass a856b224-e8ce-4df9-9a5c-213fb585df5e logartifacts
1.18-1build3 glibc/2.39-0ubuntu9 2024-06-10 23:01:37 UTC 0h 06m 02s - pass dfcb468f-d35e-47b8-8d26-1374ce3d0e45 logartifacts
1.18-1build3 perl/5.38.2-5 2024-05-31 13:16:06 UTC 0h 06m 04s - pass 684dbcf8-1d52-4f33-89c1-9fd88e29e99d logartifacts
1.18-1build3 perl/5.38.2-4 2024-05-03 23:05:06 UTC 0h 15m 07s - pass 89c3473a-5156-42e1-9314-dbf2c6e90cf0 logartifacts
1.18-1build3 glibc/2.39-0ubuntu8.1 2024-05-03 09:35:45 UTC 0h 11m 10s juliank pass 3e1a17ac-9ad6-4ecf-ba04-3a4921e8f925 logartifacts
unknown glibc/2.39-0ubuntu8.1 2024-05-01 04:36:15 UTC 0h 10m 37s - tmpfail c85757a6-10db-43c2-b8cd-dc01c319cfe0 logartifacts
1.18-1build3 perl/5.38.2-3.2build2 all-proposed=None 2024-04-06 06:01:56 UTC 0h 10m 19s - pass 0f9f4bc8-bd81-48b2-b1aa-6b5612ae1ba4 logartifacts

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