libppd [oracular/arm64]

Version Triggers Env Date Duration Requester Result UUID
2:2.0.0-0ubuntu4 glibc/2.39-3.1ubuntu3 2024-07-12 23:27:02 UTC 0h 06m 12s - pass bb9f1700-3e61-4776-9410-eaf50c0ab250 logartifacts
2:2.0.0-0ubuntu4 cups/2.4.7-1.2ubuntu9 2024-07-02 19:10:52 UTC 0h 08m 33s - pass f0f00025-ecce-49af-bbd1-94b5ab410e86 logartifacts
2:2.0.0-0ubuntu4 glibc/2.39-3.1ubuntu2 2024-06-29 00:27:41 UTC 0h 17m 30s - pass c462c3f7-a1a2-45e0-a3fe-c084a150dfbb logartifacts
2:2.0.0-0ubuntu4 cups/2.4.7-1.2ubuntu8 2024-06-26 17:29:59 UTC 0h 39m 24s - pass 49634b9c-f00c-426e-a6e0-7f288c417af8 logartifacts
2:2.0.0-0ubuntu4 libcupsfilters/2.0.0-0ubuntu8 poppler/24.06.0-2 2024-06-22 10:29:49 UTC 0h 45m 26s - pass 90a86394-9417-43af-b2ab-1d498172c768 logartifacts
2:2.0.0-0ubuntu4 pkgconf/1.8.1-3 2024-06-13 14:33:11 UTC 0h 07m 04s - pass f790553f-817a-4f59-a6b5-9b3f9d2b755e logartifacts
unknown glibc/2.39-0ubuntu9 2024-06-12 23:42:30 UTC 0h 15m 49s jbicha tmpfail 353f40ca-2623-4db9-b5d3-187728dc49ab logartifacts
2:2.0.0-0ubuntu4 glibc/2.39-0ubuntu9 2024-06-12 19:26:23 UTC 0h 18m 01s jbicha pass 6d761804-f058-47e7-91b7-ad3f34456d66 logartifacts
2:2.0.0-0ubuntu4 glibc/2.39-0ubuntu9 2024-06-12 15:25:04 UTC 1h 19m 12s - tmpfail 82971b3a-b946-484f-b39a-1577f320d580 logartifacts
2:2.0.0-0ubuntu4 glibc/2.39-0ubuntu8.1 2024-05-01 01:51:13 UTC 0h 10m 56s - pass d8e4922f-c192-48bc-aff1-744352c4e1a8 logartifacts
2:2.0.0-0ubuntu4 cups/2.4.7-1.2ubuntu7 all-proposed=None 2024-04-15 03:13:42 UTC 0h 08m 01s - pass aacb18ea-5801-474e-a82c-771f881ff52b logartifacts
2:2.0.0-0ubuntu1 migration-reference/0 all-proposed=None 2024-03-28 06:52:01 UTC 0h 03m 47s - pass bdecf1ce-c837-4f1d-a3f7-f1a309010b60 logartifacts

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