r8168 [oracular/armhf]

Version Triggers Env Date Duration Requester Result UUID
8.053.00-2 linux-meta/6.10.0-15.15 linux/6.10.0-15.15 2024-07-06 02:03:13 UTC 0h 05m 29s - neutral d998df4e-b8ac-449a-92f5-51c2eaf4a4cf logartifacts
8.053.00-2 r8168/8.053.00-2 2024-06-21 08:29:42 UTC 0h 04m 08s - neutral 9bcf23c2-b89a-4503-ba90-7ad97bbf2d38 logartifacts
8.053.00-1 migration-reference/0 2024-06-07 00:32:21 UTC 0h 04m 38s brian-murray neutral 41488ed8-1723-4cdb-937d-13fecf200121 logartifacts
8.053.00-1 r8168/8.053.00-1 2024-05-11 18:17:35 UTC 0h 06m 03s - neutral 26fb1bf6-6e46-43c9-9a0c-44765e58d974 logartifacts

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