swarp [oracular/amd64]

Version Triggers Env Date Duration Requester Result UUID
2.41.5-1build3 glibc/2.39-3.1ubuntu3 2024-07-12 19:46:57 UTC 0h 07m 12s - pass a413877d-6e4b-4c72-af96-af08411d562f logartifacts
2.41.5-1build3 glibc/2.39-3.1ubuntu2 2024-06-28 23:20:51 UTC 0h 02m 37s - pass 70f617db-b2af-49c7-8b0f-840188fb91a7 logartifacts
2.41.5-1build3 cfitsio/4.4.1-2 2024-06-21 01:05:29 UTC 0h 02m 50s - pass 4c501269-a01a-423b-8f13-cd12b4d2727d logartifacts
2.41.5-1build3 cfitsio/4.4.1-1 2024-06-20 07:24:10 UTC 0h 01m 41s - pass 939f5760-3789-4a56-9200-000164b9cce1 logartifacts
2.41.5-1build3 glibc/2.39-0ubuntu9 2024-06-11 00:38:12 UTC 0h 01m 30s - pass 19d3bd67-6713-4b90-95a1-9e29ac8a9bf1 logartifacts
2.41.5-1build3 glibc/2.39-0ubuntu8.1 2024-05-02 05:20:25 UTC 0h 20m 10s - pass 9e726c28-b7a5-456b-bbee-9b3b76927773 logartifacts
2.41.5-1build3 swarp/2.41.5-1build3 cfitsio/4.3.1-1.1build2 glibc/2.39-0ubuntu8 all-proposed=None 2024-04-03 04:35:06 UTC 0h 06m 46s vorlon pass f1c748a8-b4e9-40b7-a3e2-bb01ef8fb3ff logartifacts

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