tcl-fitstcl [oracular/ppc64el]

Version Triggers Env Date Duration Requester Result UUID
2.5-2build2 glibc/2.39-3.1ubuntu3 2024-07-13 01:11:20 UTC 0h 02m 50s - pass e55fbf64-e6c3-42fd-9b8e-0ef31f07fe45 logartifacts
2.5-2build2 glibc/2.39-3.1ubuntu2 2024-06-29 02:39:42 UTC 0h 03m 18s - pass 4de87e06-61d4-445f-9a45-d321c1f1916d logartifacts
2.5-2build2 cfitsio/4.4.1-2 2024-06-21 01:39:34 UTC 0h 03m 14s - pass f7273fb7-85b3-4e59-97de-5bb314a37201 logartifacts
2.5-2build2 cfitsio/4.4.1-1 2024-06-20 07:26:24 UTC 0h 03m 41s - pass 79bec763-fbe4-4f3b-a509-6a4c1fbfd02b logartifacts
2.5-2build2 glibc/2.39-0ubuntu9 2024-06-11 04:48:45 UTC 0h 04m 43s - pass 1c75503b-be92-4e93-b406-cdd3e4c8eb07 logartifacts
2.5-2build2 glibc/2.39-0ubuntu8.1 2024-05-01 11:42:00 UTC 0h 02m 45s - pass 7bd4067d-6ddb-4f48-9f47-11b045151105 logartifacts
2.5-2build2 tcl-fitstcl/2.5-2build2 all-proposed=None 2024-04-03 12:26:51 UTC 0h 03m 34s - pass d761ef46-532a-48d2-bfdc-81460c43e43b logartifacts
2.5-2 migration-reference/0 all-proposed=None 2024-03-26 17:57:56 UTC 0h 02m 10s - pass 78c8c944-5966-4f82-8840-365aebb9a5b9 logartifacts

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