terminology [oracular/ppc64el]

Version Triggers Env Date Duration Requester Result UUID
1.13.0-2build2 efl/1.27.0-2ubuntu1 jpeg-xl/0.10.3-4 2024-07-25 09:04:41 UTC 0h 03m 50s - pass b882b280-7ac2-461d-aa11-22885d1e5e90 logartifacts
1.13.0-2build2 glibc/2.39-3.1ubuntu3 2024-07-13 01:13:45 UTC 0h 03m 19s - pass 1e815aad-7057-4dde-b6b8-eb16802adb18 logartifacts
1.13.0-2build2 glibc/2.39-3.1ubuntu2 2024-06-29 02:41:00 UTC 0h 03m 27s - pass dea5fd3c-db4d-49a4-a520-ed3bacf12f50 logartifacts
1.13.0-2build2 efl/1.27.0-2build2 poppler/24.06.0-2 2024-06-21 14:26:32 UTC 0h 02m 34s - pass 509df92a-18dd-4c0f-85ec-4d3a955b5a45 logartifacts
1.13.0-2build2 glibc/2.39-0ubuntu9 2024-06-11 04:48:45 UTC 0h 03m 13s - pass 2e2adfcb-0eef-430a-840f-1cd7ec9ec291 logartifacts
1.13.0-2build2 efl/1.27.0-2build1 jpeg-xl/0.9.2-6ubuntu1 2024-06-11 02:10:12 UTC 0h 03m 12s - pass 85c2da9c-20ee-4f17-8635-ba5f8e5ce9d7 logartifacts
1.13.0-2build2 efl/1.27.0-2 2024-06-01 19:11:15 UTC 0h 02m 42s - pass 1b5f337f-f2ea-4f3c-9a43-aa3881151f02 logartifacts
1.13.0-2build2 efl/1.27.0-1.1build6 2024-05-24 22:13:42 UTC 0h 05m 08s - pass be9a9ce6-1717-40f0-9254-ce54407db8a6 logartifacts
1.13.0-2build2 glibc/2.39-0ubuntu8.1 2024-05-01 11:46:19 UTC 0h 04m 36s - pass ba00293d-2de8-4f06-bb8e-e154bf54f8b9 logartifacts

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