zycore-c [oracular/i386]

Version Triggers Env Date Duration Requester Result UUID
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.30.1-1 2024-07-23 08:11:59 UTC 0h 05m 27s - fail e4431e3d-6841-48bc-b1fc-5264039b4178 logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.30.0-1 2024-07-10 02:33:21 UTC 0h 03m 32s - fail d4313ffd-90a0-448c-8744-f6af44c45125 logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.29.6-1 2024-06-21 02:22:32 UTC 0h 03m 14s - fail 29a4d20f-90d3-4785-8c76-423a51e3814f logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.29.5-1 2024-06-09 08:02:31 UTC 0h 02m 33s - fail da0e0c12-2b33-45c4-b3ed-3bdc8b30493f logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.29.4-1 2024-06-04 20:19:32 UTC 0h 03m 41s - fail 7ab64f69-93b2-46f4-b015-57d3b81ae213 logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.29.3-1build1 2024-05-24 11:08:24 UTC 0h 03m 51s - fail 7bb72356-2401-4a84-93d2-859a03023da1 logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.29.3-1 2024-05-18 00:06:06 UTC 0h 08m 10s - fail b6e8ce40-4b51-4241-8d7b-38a09db4d839 logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.29.2-2 2024-05-03 06:07:58 UTC 0h 20m 34s - fail 263fdff7-13fa-4f3b-a131-5f69f9c2dbad logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 migration-reference/0 all-proposed=None 2024-04-05 11:26:02 UTC 0h 02m 21s - fail 4be4bfc5-b88a-4263-8fad-5844bb233870 logartifacts

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