zycore-c [oracular/s390x]

Version Triggers Env Date Duration Requester Result UUID
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.30.1-1 2024-07-23 08:28:40 UTC 0h 01m 48s - fail c0e907f1-f8a4-4af7-b2c7-79addaaf06af logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.30.0-1 2024-07-10 03:06:58 UTC 0h 02m 38s - fail 27e12866-7e34-4683-934a-0f2e5e8aed3f logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.29.6-1 2024-06-21 06:00:40 UTC 0h 01m 42s - fail 9e4b479e-e097-4d3b-a908-4d778e39bd8f logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.29.5-1 2024-06-09 08:11:50 UTC 0h 02m 53s - fail f205a88f-17aa-452e-8196-7c217b945c27 logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.29.4-1 2024-06-04 20:34:01 UTC 0h 02m 36s - fail e347c5a2-1cf7-4680-84ab-7667afec997c logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.29.3-1build1 2024-05-24 15:41:00 UTC 0h 03m 49s - fail 319c84dd-5fa6-4999-920a-b58b16d77682 logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.29.3-1 2024-05-16 04:01:05 UTC 0h 08m 07s - fail 4572f664-c54d-4e8f-9d16-d5a937f8ad75 logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 cmake/3.29.2-2 2024-05-03 11:36:45 UTC 0h 06m 52s - fail 38e81cfb-cd4d-426b-b78b-b88e168b1688 logartifacts
1.4.1-2.1build1 migration-reference/0 all-proposed=None 2024-04-05 11:26:52 UTC 0h 02m 56s - fail 6af25e0d-b73c-4d7b-9f8f-d73ac786c379 logartifacts

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